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Your tax-deductible donations make our sampling programs possible.

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Knowing what is in our water and air is imperative to protecting Floridians, and that is our top priority!

At Calusa Waterkeeper, we believe prioritized testing is critical to getting quick, uncompromised results and is a pathway to guiding state and local policy changes, enforcement and accountability. Your tax-deductible donations help make our water & air testing program possible. Your support would ensure we meet our testing goals to improve water quality awareness and advocacy.

Why It Matters:

Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of contaminants that can impact water quality and human health, and monitoring them all is not feasible for a non-profit organization. As a practical matter, our monitoring program currently focuses on these three priorities.

Documenting the prevalence, trends and risk factors of these water quality issues will notify the public of conditions, and can be used to inform policy makers on more appropriate pollution standards, enforcement protocols and restoration efforts for Florida’s waterways.

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